The Center is engaged in a transformative process of becoming an anti-racist organization, guided by the experts at Social Good Solutions.

Join Us!

We feel the pain and acknowledge the suffering that racism causes, and we are committed to listening, learning, and taking action to do better and to be better. To quote Ibram Kendi, we are committed to “securing anti-racist policies that will lead to life, health, equity and justice for all, to act from anti-racist ideas that value black lives, that equalize all the racial groups in all their aesthetic and cultural differences.”

We are exploring pathways and opportunities to bring our stakeholders into this journey and work with us in these efforts. Please stay tuned for ways that you can engage with us.

Center’s Becoming an Anti-Racist Organization Learning Lab Library

Our Process

In Phase 1, we examined the Center’s current approach to equity in both language and practice. This 360° diagnostic process examined internal policies, procedures, practices, and cultural norms, as well as external communication and community engagement. The Center team also engaged in a series of learning sessions. Together, we created an action plan of anti-racist organizational priorities to implement in Phase 2.

The Center team is currently co-designing a values statement to affirm our commitment to anti-racism. The values statement will both acknowledge that this transformative journey takes time and outline a clear and bold North Star to guide the Center’s current and future initiatives.