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The Center seeks to advance financial opportunity, growth, and security for families and youth by identifying, leveraging, and expanding coordination and reach of economic supports.

Economic security is a foundational issue for families and a key driver of physical and emotional health. An estimated 40 percent of LA County households (more than 1.1 million) struggle to meet their basic needs. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased economic insecurity, especially within communities of color. 

Despite these challenges, the present moment offers a unique opportunity to focus our energy on a root cause that holds so many families back. New state and federal policies and funding opportunities have the potential to significantly advance sustainable economic security for LA County’s families. 

We invite the ideas and knowledge of our partners to help shape joint initiatives that further the cause. The Center seeks to support economic security initiatives in three areas:

  • Family strengthening. Families that are economically stable are less likely to be involved in the child protective services system. The Center will support initiatives that help connect families with supportive housing and expand community-based programs to strengthen families before a crisis occurs.
  • Direct assistance. This area includes traditional economic security interventions, such as assistance with basic needs (e.g., food and rent), as well as direct payments to families through federal and state tax credits, the American Rescue Plan, and guaranteed income pilot programs. 
  • Workforce development. Living-wage jobs are the cornerstone of family financial stability. The Center will cultivate opportunities with public and private partners to promote sustainable career pathways through employment and training programs for youth and adults, child care reimbursement, and growing the County’s community health workforce.

Center team leads: Piper Kamins



Continuing and expanding on Los Angeles County’s emergency response to food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Food Equity Roundtable was established by the Board of Supervisors, in close partnership with philanthropic leaders, to develop and advance a food justice policy agenda. The Center for Strategic Partnerships is participating in a steering committee to stand up this 2-year pilot effort, which will be funded by philanthropy and housed within the County’s Chief Sustainability Office.

Since 2018, the Center has supported DCFS’s participation in the One Roof Los Angeles initiative. Through One Roof, DCFS has been able to build stronger collaboration across County departments to provide more comprehensive housing support to families and transition-age youth (TAY) in the child welfare system. With the Center’s continued support, DCFS recently created a Supportive Housing Division that will work with County partners to reduce the number of child welfare-involved families and youth entering homelessness, rapidly support families and TAY who are homeless and help them secure housing, and streamline homeless prevention services.


“Making progress on poverty’s intractable variables–such as housing, education, mental health, substance use treatment, food security, and healthcare—requires all hands on deck, agnostic to sector or role. Literally everyone needs to be brought to the issue to play their part. The Center for Strategic Partnerships has time and again been that connector that brings the right people into the room around the right question each and every time. It is an immeasurable service, and they do it with such genuineness and authenticity that trust is there from the beginning, often amongst strangers.”

Joe Womac, President, Specialty Family Foundation


The Youth and Young Adult Collective Funding Pool

The Los Angeles County Youth Cohort, in partnership with the Center for Strategic Partnerships, is excited to announce a new funding opportunity to local partners working to prevent and end youth homelessness - The Youth and Young Adult Collective Funding Pool.

One Roof

Help us to transform LA County’s child welfare system by aligning it with housing resources and bringing a Housing First approach to our care for children and families.

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